Minnesota is a large state. While sitting in an AmericInn lobby this morning drinking my coffee and eating an English muffin, I found out that while Minnesota is large by area it only ranks 12th out off 50….and the state cannot brag about water area either (see last column in screen shot). so that land of lakes is probably notable for the amount of lakes within its boarders not the actual area or volume for that matter.

The AmericInn runs Fox News on their lobby TV 24/7. While I’m not sure right now if this is staff or Corp policy. It does make a difference to me….and while they have every right to have their TV turned to any channel they support…this has an impact on me and my choices where I spend my money when I require lodging.

Saw this in a bookstore.

Wish I had written it. Would like to spend more time on the North Shore to perhaps collect facts in order to write a book about it….or at least spend a lot of time at the North Shore collecting facts and then make a decision.

Today is our 39th anniversary! In order to stay married this long, you have to embrace the fact that marriage can be damn hard and overcoming the bad times is what makes it work for 39 years! I received a piece of advice early on…most successful marriages work because of the commitment portion..commitment is what makes you work through the tough times because inevitably you don’t like each other 100 percent of the time and the trick is to not dislike each other at the same time. Happy Anniversary to Him!

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Notably

  1. Happy Anniversary! What a milestone . . .


  2. Happy anniversary! You seem centered and relatively peaceful and like you are enjoying your time together. I’m not sure it gets any better than that.

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  3. Congrats on the 39 years. We’ll be 39 next June. There were times…. I think the only reason we didn’t split was because we were both too lazy to leave when we wanted to. And there were definitely times we each wanted to. Luckily, there were no deal breakers,
    I think you better like each other in the beginning though because I have noticed that the older I get, the less likely I am to put up with stuff that feels wrong, or doesn’t mesh with my core feelings of right and wrong. So I do think you have to start out with similar common core values.
    Anyway, you old hippies look like you’re doing pretty darn good and making the most of things. And I love seeing that!

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