Obscessive or passionate?

Or just freedom of copious amounts of undelegated time and responsibility that comes with retirement?

I don’t remember a time when music that I like or music that I love didn’t have a positive influence on my inner well being.  Music that I don’t like can have me circling the drain in a few bars…bars of  music…not in a bar.

Good concerts with great acoustics will have me playing a game in my head that I could find tickets, drive overnight to the next venue just so I can experience it all over again. i.e. after the Doobie/Chicago concert last month.  Last night I put on my headphones and listened to a loop of Heart music and had a compulsive thought .. I was going to find a heart concert for the weekend, if I could get tickets, distances was no obstacle.  Fortunately for HIM, the Heart web site showed no concerts listed.

So I moved on.  My headphone concert took me to the Osmond Brothers.  You Tube has afforded me the opportunity to gratify my need to watch the Osmond Brothers obscessively.  Haters….just remember, they are from my generation.  They fascinate me.  their relationships, their harmony, their endurance.  I’ve never been a Donny heartthrob fan…just the older ones.  These old men in suits with great harmony and perfect choreographed dancing makes my heart happy.  I love them more now that they are old.  So happy that I watched interviews with them until 3AM and went to bed with a heavy heart.  Finding out that this Mormon family of 9 did not have great childhoods and were forced into being the Osmonds by a strong father made me very sad….and now my compassion overflows!  

I woke up this morning feeling energized.  Thinking about the activities and projects I’m passionate about…perhaps a little obscessively? I need to saddle and bridle my passion  to accomplish something.  I need to have focus and do what I’m passionate about rather than just sitting around waiting for something to entice it into action.  Time she is a wasting!

Until next time……

2 thoughts on “Obscessive or passionate?

  1. I love making play lists. I have many – and then I thin them out, re-work them, over and over. Music is so powerful – passionate – sad – inspirational – fun. It’s life šŸ™‚


  2. Time, energy, and passion. Could there be a more excellent combination?

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