Overcoming personal fears

I grew up over protected…a father who spent a lot of time thinking about things and preparing me for life.  As I look back at it now, I learned from him the skill of evaluating all of the known factors and then cautiously proceeding to the end goal….or not.  I had a mother who was scared of everything.  Had I been born a decade later, I would have been wrapped in bubble wrap rather than a blanket.

I really like roller coasters!  One of my all time favorites is the coaster above New York, New York in Vegas.  When it was over I felt properly shaken up.  I seriously considered bunge jumping at the State Fair, while I was not afraid of doing it, I evaluated the probabilities and decided my odds of smashing into the ground was a possibility because of the carnies supervising the ride.  I always had the desire to parachute from a plane after my kids were out of the house but I didn’t pursue it and now that I have just one kidney, it is frowned upon by the medical establishment.  I do have a fear of large ships on large bodies of water so I’ve never even entertained going on a cruise.  But I love to boat on a lake and after I conquered my fear of tacking, I fell in love with sailing.  

The 15 footer was the real challenge for me

Now I’m ready to try kayaking.  I watched a lot of You Tube videos last night to learn the basics like how to get in and out.  I’m totally open to suggestions and pointers from you.  Especially from chunky senior citizens!

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Overcoming personal fears

  1. We have 90 gazillion kayaks down town ‘on the neck’ to choose from and try out. i keep saying i’m going to do it , and about every other week, W mentions buying me a kayak. Maybe now is the time! Go for it Nina!

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  2. I am proud of you my little adrenaline junkie! If more people knew how empowering it is to overcome a fear the world would be amazing

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