Mrs Brown, this is the secret service

I woke up,today and the idiot was already awake tweeting about hate and violence.  I’ve been a twitter follower for several years and my list has always been pretty tame and boring….the local news reporters, Meryl Streep…one time I saw a woman with really long hair in an airport so I followed Crystal Gale to see if she might have been that woman and I’ll be damned…she followed me back.  I became more active during the political season in order to soak in more information as to which candidate might actually say something important.  NOW…..I’ve added twitter to my daily habit.  Several times a day daily habit.

After a while, I started following the nasty, NASTY @realdonaldtrump.  With this decision, I took on anger like a ship takes on water in a storm.  After the vulgar Kathy Griffin picture fiasco, I decided that if she can post a severed head of Donald Trump and not be taken into custody, I was safe to spew some replies.  Now I’m not seriously thinking these #impeachdonaldtrump tweets are going to make it  to the eyes of the monster himself, but responding to his tweets with my own anger has seriously helped.  I’m not threatening him but I’m certainly saying what I think in 25 characters or less.  This is my stress reliever….as an American who fears what is going to happen to us, I can tweet!  I can get it out.  Just like him, I’m responding In kind.  I’m not tweeting anything productive.  I’m tweeting what I’m thinking in my head….and it helps.  What would really be more healthy is just to delete Twitter but I’m not going to do that.

Until next time….#impeachdonaldtrump

One thought on “Mrs Brown, this is the secret service

  1. I couldn’t believe the whole Kathy Griffin thing. We have satellite and it is hard for me to understand why she couldn’t just skewer Trump like Samantha Bee. Bee actually makes a living mocking the Great Orange One and is hysterically funny. I can only imagine how good it feels to vent at Popular Vote Loser Donald Trump, even in 25 or fewer characters.

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