On the way to the mailbox…this could be a mini series

After I dropped Jax off last night, I stopped at the garden center for bird seed….that’s a whole different mini series…I wanted a fresh tomato so bad that I checked every parking lot on the way home for a kind farmer and a pickup truck with the gate down…nothing.  Look what has reddened up on the deck vine today.

On the way back from the mailbox, I  did a check on the flower beds to see if the miracle grow had produced any miracles.  I’m sharing with you but this one is really for me to compare when it pops up on my newsfeed next July 1.

This is an ivy I put outside last year.  It did not thrive in the house so I decided to let nature take its course in the winter and kill it because I just couldn’t cut off water.  It is thriving and growing.

In Iowa, when I dug up cone flower from the ditches, it took over my flower beds and required thinning.  Not sure what I’m doing wrong in Missouri.  I bought these cone flower at the nursery…hopefully they will populate the area in years to come.

My impatiens are flourishing.  Miracle grow or the fact that I got them at a greenhouse and not a big box store?

And lastly, Bernadette delivered by insulated water vessel with a friendly smile.


It’s a beauty.  #3 of,the year….#1 which was glass broke in the freezer, #2 ice melts faster in it than on the floor in the kitchen so #3 will be just right.

Until next time….that could be soon, I feel particularly chatty today

One thought on “On the way to the mailbox…this could be a mini series

  1. Absolutely nothing tastes as good as a hot tomato fresh off the vine with salt.

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