Trip to the mailbox- uno

AKA my obsession with mail delivery.  As a 911 operator, you would not believe how many daily calls started out with…ya, there’s a dog!  Because we were public servants, those calls received the same type of service…they get a cop….as any other call…but we hated those calls and so did cops.  There was a joke amongst soon to be retired cops and dispatches that when we retired, we would sit in front of the window and daily call 911 to complain about a dog in our yard.

Because our subdivision neighbors are pretty good about keeping track of their pets, I have taken up focusing on the USPS.  We don’t have a mailbox at the end of the driveway….we have a government mailbox…8 small holes in a steel box on legs across the street…..and the mail is delivered anywhere from 1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon.  Our mailperson, Bernadette, is a charm….she’s pretty consistent, lugs heavy packages to the door with a smile and rings the doorbell (lets go out to the ballgame) to announce the arrival.  I like Bernadette!  I don’t think Bernadette (not called Bernie because there is another Bernie at the post office) should get a day off!  We always know when there is a sub because neighbors have to visit other neighbors to drop off misdelivered mail…..and last week, the sub left our boxes from Amazon in the driveway by the garage door exactly in the path of my car in the garage.  This could have been one of those hide the women and children moments had I backed over them.

3 on a Saturday afternoon…a negative trip to the mailbox….all the way across the street.

I love retirement.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Trip to the mailbox- uno

  1. When answering phones at Elder Law, one lady actually described her address as, “We live by the lake!” I felt like answering, “You mean where the fishes live?” I’ll just say that Michigan has more lakes than Minnesota and that my co-workers thought that was a hoot.

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