Last day at Lake Jacomo

Dear Diary

Finally quit sprinkling in the afternoon.  Jax spent the night with us and was up bright and cheerful for his full day of camping.  He got to spend some time before the rain with Papa in the campground park.  Slides got another full wipe down with towels meaning Gma has some laundry to do when we get home.

Visited the 

Hooved animals today.  bisom were more than willing to eat the carrots and apples we provided but the elk missed out.  Jax got a kick out of feeding them and attempting to throw the apples over the high fence.

He took an afternoon nap in his own bed, then Brought his mom, dad and little brother to the campground for supper and a campfire with s’mores although he sees no necessity in toasting the marshmallows.

The set up of Lake Jacomo, the campground and Fleming Park is perfect.  I will assume the area is very busy in the summer.  We will be back!

Home in the morning for some R&R!

Until next time….

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