The bridge

After the flood in May 2017, this bridge was closed for a time so engineers could determine the safety of crossing it.  I, personally, could answer that question prior to the flood and I am not an engineer although  I can mark “some college” on applications.  If that’s not enough, I will tell you that pulling a 30 foot 5th wheel over it is not safe for my mental health….thankfully as a result of the flood it is now only safe for passenger vehicles. 🙄


My thinking has always been that you don’t stick your tongue on a frozen swing set in winter, you don’t stick metal wires in electric outlets and you don’t drive over this bridge unless there is no other way out and someone is chasing you wearing a hockey mask and his name is Jason.

Until next time…..

Bennett Spring history

We’ve been all up into the history of Bennett Spring since I accidentally found some information on the Department of Interior website last night.

Today we  attempted to find some of the CCC buildings built in the 30s…there are several of them still here and I love that fact.  While creeping around this morning, the fish hatchery manager found us and wow…..he was a plethora of information and he loved sharing it.  I’m waiting for him to send me some pictures he has of the building of the new damn in 1960.

The old dam abutments are still there and we could actually see the reinforcements in the water but could not get pictures because of the reflection.  He is standing on one end of it.

The stone bridge built by the civilian conservation  Corp.  Arches turned sideways designating CCC.

Today and then.  Then was a hotel.  An elderly gentleman who blasted  the horn for the beginning of trout season 2017 shared stories of the hotel where he and his wife stayed…rooms went for $2.50 a night

Of course, the lodge which hasn’t changed much.

And this building which has been many things…currently restrooms

So…now he is off to catch some of these

Until next time…..

Perfect weekend

The brother-in-law and the bestie came for a visit Friday night and Saturday.  Obviously ordered by the mental health angels.  We began our trip to Bennett Spring feeling loved and centered!

As happens every time we drive down into the park my heart sang with old memories of happiness and making new memories with him.  After setting up, we headed to the lodge for dinner at 4:30 …. exactly the way old people are supposed to do it.  I have hope every time we are here that the food will improve but I swear they can’t even pull off a tasty hamburger…we are repeat customers mostly because of the ambiance and history.  The lodge along with most all of the other buildings and bridges here were built by the CCC in the 30’s.

After dinner we hit the park store to check for off season sales and to scope out my future purchases.

We bought a couple of ball caps which were a necessity because it started raining.  After a hot and humid day on the stream, rain brings on the eerie fog which roles from the spring down the stream.  Fisherman actually are lost from View by the fog.

…..and when we got back to the campsite…


The trip

I had a wonderful extended weekend Minnesota camping trip with him and our niece, Christina as well as a couple visits with his brother and wife which also happens to be the Christina’s father.  Escaping the oppressive KC heat and humidity was wonderful…we couldn’t have picked better weather for a visit to Minnesota! One of the best parts of the trip was the non-stop conversation with Christina while traveling to and from.  We live in the same metro area but seldom see each other face to face…that needs to change!

…and I’m also finally able to say, yes…I’ve been kayaking.  It was one of those things that I really wanted to do but the unknown filled me with anxiety.

We rented kayaks at a conservation area about 10 minutes from our campground.  He and I ended up in a double because there were not 3 singles.  What we learned was its not like canoe paddling…different technique…and we are incapable of developing an insync rythm.  Once we made it through the reeds and into the open water, I loved it.  I’m thinking fall might be a great time to buy his and her kayaks…..

We also visited the Minnesota State Public School for dependent and neglected children museum and cemetery in Owatana, MN. – a place I won’t soon forget!


Until next time….

Bennett June 2017 The Stream

When we got back to Bennett Spring tonight, we took a walk along the stream closest to the actual spring.  As frequently happens at dusk after warm, humid days the fog hangs over the stream.  We’ve experienced the fog so thick that anglers were totally enveloped…

He picked up a trout tag for tomorrow so there will be fishing!  Rex and Diane Hall will be here from Iowa.  It will be a perfect day with or without trout.

Counting my blessings!

Until next time….

Last day at Lake Jacomo

Dear Diary

Finally quit sprinkling in the afternoon.  Jax spent the night with us and was up bright and cheerful for his full day of camping.  He got to spend some time before the rain with Papa in the campground park.  Slides got another full wipe down with towels meaning Gma has some laundry to do when we get home.

Visited the 

Hooved animals today.  bisom were more than willing to eat the carrots and apples we provided but the elk missed out.  Jax got a kick out of feeding them and attempting to throw the apples over the high fence.

He took an afternoon nap in his own bed, then Brought his mom, dad and little brother to the campground for supper and a campfire with s’mores although he sees no necessity in toasting the marshmallows.

The set up of Lake Jacomo, the campground and Fleming Park is perfect.  I will assume the area is very busy in the summer.  We will be back!

Home in the morning for some R&R!

Until next time….

Lake Jacomo Day 3

Visited the 1855 town today.  Worth the wait.  The chickens were in a fenced area but the sheep just roamed the town…pretty much wherever we were, they would be also.  It was really special…he and I were the only tourists…it was a Tuesday early in the season so it was Incredibly pleasant…I was able to put myself there in 1855 and could just imagine little kids running around the street with hair braids flying and barking dogs and hard working mothers and fathers.  The most enjoyable place for me was the tavern and travelers stop.  This was taken of one of the two rooms upstairs…one for men  and one for women ….travelers could stop for a hot meal, a bath and overnight stay.  If the Inn was full, strangers would sleep in the same bed and use the wood commode in the same room.  Check out the bath tub between the beds.

We hit a local restaurant for lunch…splurged on pecan pie for dessert.  Just something we don’t do anymore.  the meal was good home cooking not your typical fast food sit down like Perkins or Panera!  

Picked up Jax this afternoon for a camping experience.  He is such a blessing!  

Until next time….

Lake Jacomo on Monday

Dear Diary

Pretty discouraging chance of rain today but really only had a couple of mild showers and it moved on…the sun would come out then back to clouds and dark sky.  About 9p we started the heaviest rain of the day and I had to leave the bonfire.  My sprinkle and rain look.

We tried to visit the 1855 town that is incorporated into the Lake Jacomo/Fleming Park but it is closed on Monday…just like hair salons and a lot of mom/pop restaurants.  Did drive thru the wildlife area to see the buffalo but didn’t get out of the car…didn’t have carrots or apples and didn’t have Jax with us.  That will be Tues or Wed.  We did find a sailboat cove with lots of sailboats and an unbelievably nice shelter house….we enjoyed the solitude and the peacefulness of the moored sailboats gently floating on the water.

He took a hike into,the woods and I sat outside and read this afternoon…peace.

My camping jacket.  bought it at Bennett Spring in 2000 and campfire pops burned holes in it a month later.  Seldom wash it and will never get rid of it!

I know….I’m a prize when I’m camping 😉

That’s all today…..

Lake Jacomo

IMG_4018A really nice spring day and we are camping!


Temps in the 60s this week…

While sitting around the campfire, we had visitors


They didn’t seemed to have any fear until a dog barked in a neighboring campsite.  Then they were back just mosey-ing along the treeline.

This is a beautiful lake and campground in Lee’s Summit.  Hard to believe this oasis is so close to the hustle of life.

until next time…….



No brakes

If you read my last blog about that “feeling” that something just isn’t right…well here you go!  ALWAYS listen to those uneasy or gut  feelings.

We have a shorter bed Ford F-250 pickup with a Reese extender 5th wheel hitch.  This is necessary when we need to back the trailer into a campsite or driveway because without it, the clearance between the front of the 5th wheel and the back window on the truck collide.  (We have replaced the back window 3 times$$$).  We thought the hitch apparatus wasn’t working right because we could not get it to lock into maneuver position…..then we realized that the problem was the brakes on the trailer were not working which allowed the 5th wheel to slam forward.  SO…..

We took the rig up to Camping World in Grain Valley this morning and found out the new electrical bundle connector they installed last November was not installed correctly.  the technician had failed to hook up the trailer brake wire.  The seven connector plug only had 6 connections.  I assume just using the truck brakes for stopping could have been a deadly situation had someone stopped short in front of us and they had been run over by the momentum of a 30 foot 5th wheel with no brakes.  This is a very scary scenario…..and a lesson to those idiot drivers who don’t stop at stop signs and pull out in front of a truck hauling a camper.  Big/small theory is always in motion!

Two lessons learned here.

Until next time…..