I’ve been turning off the hot water heater

In order to save propane.  While we have two very large propane tanks to use from, the furnace has been running pretty steady, so I decided this morning when we woke up to 42 degrees at 9 am that we needed to hit Ft Bennett for an electric heater to help with propane conservation.  Because quite frankly if we lose the ability to heat the water for showers and dishes when we need it, someone is going to get cranky!

Fort Bennett is a store just outside the park that stocks everything other than fresh fruits and vegetables…..and I’m not kidding.  Anything you might need for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and eating will be stuffed on a shelf somewhere in Ft Bennett.  I remember the first time we stopped with Brett at the store 15+ years ago, my first thought when we pulled into the narrow gravel drive/parking lot was…..seriously, we are going to find something here ….. then we walked in the door, I thought Oh Holy Mother of God, I could spend a day in here just browsing all of the “stuff” crammed in the space.

Last night on my campground walk, I detoured down to “the bridge”

I took this picture looking toward the confluence of the stream and the Niangua River.  My new IPhone 8plus takes some pretty good pictures after dark.

The result looks like a painting.  I then spent some time practicing the portrait feature with him as my subject. Feel free to label his thoughts!

Until next time……..

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