The air was chilled with the wind

He got in a walk on the trails today but not before he came back to the camper twice for more clothes.  We had penciled in a trip to the Heartland Antique Mall just off I44 in Lebanon.   But I thought…hmmmm…antiques and primitive stuff is always cheaper at the little antique stores along secondary roads rather than off the interstate highways so we took off south out of Lebanon on highway 5.  Think of the difference between highway 5 and I 44 as the difference between wreath ribbon and curly ribbon….after you put the scissors to the narrow curly ribbon.  There is nothing on highway 5 south of Lebanon except cows.

After what seemed like a hundred miles with me gripping the safety bar above my window, we decided to go cross country on a road that made highway 5 seem like an expressway.  Narrow, curving and culver crossings rather than bridges over waterways….and no bathrooms….so I had him pull over on a gravel next to a field of curious cows so I could get some relief.

Finally made it back on 44 and to the antique mall where we should have gone in the first place but I needed an adventure and I got one……and the curious cows are all now emotionally damaged.

Until next time…..

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