It should be noted that one of us likes order

And the other one…well the other one just stuffs things in any space with an opening as long as the door will close.

Case in point….we have the same cords plugged into our USB chargers…I may have one more than he does.  Before we left for our camping trip, I attempted to wrap all of my cords around the charger base the way he does.  I had a worse mess than if I would have just followed protocol and stuffed them in my bag.  [full disclosure:  when he pulled his neatly packed cords out yesterday there was some sniffing and snorting because his were a mess too] and (full disclosure:  I turned my back to him and snickered)

After I crammed all of my cords down the side of the dresser in the bedroom.

I looked over at his side


Beautiful day at Bennett Spring today.  We took a couple of walks and  I Pretty much sat outside under the awning and read most of the day.  

He relaxed too but with spurts of getting up and organizing things.  If opposites attract we have a perfect marriage ❤️

Until next time

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