The stained glass window

Earlier this year I returned home after a girl’s weekend with Sue and Lennie with 2 of these.

While visiting West End Salvage in Des Moines (you may have heard of them from their short run on one of the cable network Home improvement/turn junk into cool stuff shows). I had my eye on a stain glass window and Lennie said her sister who was downsizing and had moved into an assisted living facility had a couple of stained glass windows she was selling and they either had an N or an H on them. I interpreted this to mean that if it was an N, it was meant to be and if H, well, Hmmmmm. The even more exciting thing for me was that her sister got them from her son who took them out of a house in Kansas City when he remodeled. They had to come full circle and return to Kansas City!

Since then, I’ve several times pulled them out of their safe hiding place in the basement to figure out what to do with them. Finally, He and I figured it out…my ideas….his handiwork ability.

A frame to hold button lights….and a beautiful glow on my mantle.

Until next time….

Ate just after 5 in bed by 7:30 😳

So, I’ve been trying to avoid the “poor, poor NinaSue” that he used to say to me when I got sick. Because quite frankly a head cold brings me to my knees…I know I get pathetic….I try really hard not to groan every time I know one of those kind of people. We had tickets to the christmas extravaganza at the Moon River Theater in Branson and nothing could keep me from spending the evening with Merrill Osmond….

So we ate early at a great little steak and ale place down from the hotel and now we are both on our IPADS waiting for a civilized time to say goodnight and shut out the lights. Laying on my side, this is my view.

I’ve spent entirely too much time trying to make this look good through my eyes. I’m guessing it was decorated by someone who knows interior design…but I just can’t get there.

I snapped a few pictures on our way into Branson. I’m always surprised when I see these rock formations and cut aways along this road. The nature’s beauty in Missouri!

Until next time…atchoo..ahhhhhh

The air was chilled with the wind

He got in a walk on the trails today but not before he came back to the camper twice for more clothes.  We had penciled in a trip to the Heartland Antique Mall just off I44 in Lebanon.   But I thought…hmmmm…antiques and primitive stuff is always cheaper at the little antique stores along secondary roads rather than off the interstate highways so we took off south out of Lebanon on highway 5.  Think of the difference between highway 5 and I 44 as the difference between wreath ribbon and curly ribbon….after you put the scissors to the narrow curly ribbon.  There is nothing on highway 5 south of Lebanon except cows.

After what seemed like a hundred miles with me gripping the safety bar above my window, we decided to go cross country on a road that made highway 5 seem like an expressway.  Narrow, curving and culver crossings rather than bridges over waterways….and no bathrooms….so I had him pull over on a gravel next to a field of curious cows so I could get some relief.

Finally made it back on 44 and to the antique mall where we should have gone in the first place but I needed an adventure and I got one……and the curious cows are all now emotionally damaged.

Until next time…..

Not all who Wander…..

I wish I had asked my dad why he moved two hours away from his family in the 40s.  If you knew my dad, you would understand that he was a homebody for the most part…didn’t particularly need or want friends…at least in the years he was my dad.  We took 2 week family vacations from the time I was about 8.  I think he really enjoyed the destination but getting there always exhausted him…driving, driving overnighting in Mom and pop motels…he followed the highway and I don’t think he would have considered seeing a road and saying…hmm I wonder where that road goes.  He didn’t do it so I assume it didn’t cross his mind.  I always felt his mother and I were the most important to him…and our poodle named Edie.  I assume my mother figured in to the equation?  He was married to her for almost 50 years.

I always wonder if those family vacations were the impetus for my love for traveling and taking the road less traveled.

I know when I arrive at that place I was meant to visit, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of “I could live here”. I’m not sure “what” all comes together to recognize soul comfort but it is something.  I felt it when we found this house in a small town south of Kansas City.  I have never felt more content in my own skin…with that being said….I still find myself traveling to different states and be awashed with the feeling.  At this age and because of my grandchildren, I don’t want to uproot my life and move on but the comfort when I find one of these pillows of comfort for my soul manifests in freedom and peacefulness.

Until next time…..

……and on the topic of traveling alone

On my trip to Des Moines on Tuesday, I was in a really strange place.  My spirit felt free yet I was letting fear seep in about the upcoming chest X-ray.  I always listen to my music playlist when I’m in the car alone so I decided to crank it up and and fly.  THIS was the first song to come up in my shuffle.  Re-affirming that we all should be living like we are dying!

I, actually, love a solo road trip.  My energy has to take a backseat to no one.  I can listen to all of my own music and I can listen to it loud.   So I can sing along loud!   I think it is important to have a playlist of your very favorite songs and they should include songs that make you want to dance, songs that make you cry, songs that bring back happy memories and songs that bring back memories of someone and always, always some type of anthem songs.  I include Rachel Platten and Katy Perry.

I love to drive fast….ahem….always using the speed limit as a “guideline”.  I always get attached to a car ahead of me that is going the exact same speed I am.  I always wonder if they know I’m back there and if they know we are connected.  

Traveling solo gives me the freedom to think.  Thoughts that are often lost in the hussle of daily life….and clarity to let your subconcious mind figure things out.

But the best is coming home to where I belong!

I encourage you to listen to this Tim McGraw song….even if country is not your style….listen to the words!

Until next time…..

Traveling I-35

When I was attending college in Joplin and actually even before that….when the youth group made visits to Ozark Bible College, just over the Iowa State line is Bethany, Missouri and  always seemed to be a stopping point.  They used to have an awesome Ice Cream shop there with multiple flavors….before Baskin Robbins!  Probably because that was my history, as a family traveling between our home on various vacations, Bethany was always a stopping point.  During our transition, traveling and now visits back home, we have a couple of “dives”  we enjoy.  One in Eagleville, MO and one in Cameron, MO as well as the Toot Toot Restaurant in Bethany.

But….when I’m traveling alone, I stop at the #4 exit at Lamoni, Iowa…the Maid Rite and Amish store.  It’s not unusual to share a parking space with one of the black Amish buggies and horses.

Southbound from DES Moines today, I was hoping for hunger…trying to talk myself into being hungry….then finally as I got closer about an hour later,  I decided …..I’m stopping whether I’m hungry or not because of this

Maid-Rites are an Iowa staple….also known as loose meat burgers made famous by The Rosanne show.  The Amish store Maid-Rites are very large, very satisfying….perfection!  They also have very tasty meal-on-their-own shakes and malts.

I bought some Amish garlic sweet pickles and corn relish.  They carry a little bit of everything …many things are Amish made….including rugs, quilts and wooden items.

And FRESH baked goods!

Obviously, I highly recommend…Iowa Chiefs and Royals fans…you owe yourself a stop here.

Until next time…..