Traveling I-35

When I was attending college in Joplin and actually even before that….when the youth group made visits to Ozark Bible College, just over the Iowa State line is Bethany, Missouri and  always seemed to be a stopping point.  They used to have an awesome Ice Cream shop there with multiple flavors….before Baskin Robbins!  Probably because that was my history, as a family traveling between our home on various vacations, Bethany was always a stopping point.  During our transition, traveling and now visits back home, we have a couple of “dives”  we enjoy.  One in Eagleville, MO and one in Cameron, MO as well as the Toot Toot Restaurant in Bethany.

But….when I’m traveling alone, I stop at the #4 exit at Lamoni, Iowa…the Maid Rite and Amish store.  It’s not unusual to share a parking space with one of the black Amish buggies and horses.

Southbound from DES Moines today, I was hoping for hunger…trying to talk myself into being hungry….then finally as I got closer about an hour later,  I decided …..I’m stopping whether I’m hungry or not because of this

Maid-Rites are an Iowa staple….also known as loose meat burgers made famous by The Rosanne show.  The Amish store Maid-Rites are very large, very satisfying….perfection!  They also have very tasty meal-on-their-own shakes and malts.

I bought some Amish garlic sweet pickles and corn relish.  They carry a little bit of everything …many things are Amish made….including rugs, quilts and wooden items.

And FRESH baked goods!

Obviously, I highly recommend…Iowa Chiefs and Royals fans…you owe yourself a stop here.

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “Traveling I-35

  1. Looks like a fun place to pick up a little this and that!


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