We didn’t buy a pickup

Tuesday was a very pleasant day for us…especially since we have not been out much in the past 5 month quarantine. We have had many conversations about “if we could only go camping” which would require us to purchase a camper…and a pickup to get the camper from point A to point B. For entertainment we have been dream searching for a truck on line which in the back of our minds we had no intention to buy solely because I could not see myself spending hours and hours with other irritable people at the DMV during a pandemic. I could end the story here by saying we went “out there” to search and there is nothing out there…most dealerships we visited had shockingly bare lots. It would have been easier to find a heads up penny in the parking lot than an affordable used truck….or an affordable new truck unless we had enough money laying around to buy a small house.

But this is really a story about attachments. As we sat in the socially distanced show room with a salesman, I told Phil that this is the very first time I didn’t have an attachment to the outcome. Normally I have had my sites set on the vehicle I wanted…firmly set on the outcome that I would buy a vehicle before I left the dealership. Through the crazy discussions … especially those crazy discussions in my head always waiting for the conversation to play out as if I were directing it. Always knowing I could walk out but that really wasn’t a real option because through tunnel vision there was no real option other than signing on the line.

I could also feel neutral energy from him. I knew we were not operating from a place of fear or scarcity. I felt I could think clearly while acknowledging that my happiness and continued blessings and gratitude were not tied up in whether I would/could get my way on someone else’s playground.

Bottom line, we spent an enjoyable afternoon together doing what we have always liked to do together, drive through car lots and dream…envisioning ourselves driving around enjoying the new car smells…in our vision….that will come in the right time.


5 thoughts on “We didn’t buy a pickup

  1. Not feeling desperate is refreshing.


  2. Sounds like a nice afternoon! My HATE car shopping with my husband. He gets totally over excited about any new thing with a motor. I am picky as hell. We usually end up annoyed with each other. So we do sort of have to jump on it if we both really like something. But yeah, truck prices are out of this world! He wanted a really good one before he retired. It’s a 2015 ram, extended cab? Double cab? w/e, it has 4 doors. It is the best truck ever. Love it. HATE the payment! And this was used. New is ridiculous. lol
    But you know, you can pull a smaller camper with things besides trucks. They make them so light now. When we were researching campers, we noticed that dealers like to mention that light weight and how anything can pull it. But that weight means an empty camper, not the weight of all the stuff you have to add to it. So it can be tricky. I think there will be a lot of good deals on used campers next year. They’re selling out this year. We’ve been going back and forth about it. We’ll see what happens next year.


    • Yes!!! We are content to wait. We want a small truck for the light camper reason but small trucks no longer have a small,price….at least this year. We drive a ford transit connect van….think Amazon delivery….we can only tow 2000 pounds. We didn’t think too well when we bought it for the room 🤬


  3. I am glad you got out and that you were able to see the enjoyment you got from it.
    Maybe you should just rent an isolated cabin for a few days? That’s what Katy and Jason do and they really enjoy it. Not quite the same as a camper but …

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