Yesterday I was totally aqua

My friend Terri was in my head this morning when she posted a picture on FB of a cup of espresso – She captioned the picture “a few extra shots of espresso and new pens….it’s going to be a great Monday”. Oh Terri…I totally get it!

I have a brand new package of 12 multi-color gel pens laying on my desk…I have a partially opened (to grab the purple) package of multi colored gel “glitter” pens in the top desk drawer and I also have an orange zippered canvas pencil holder with my very favorite colored gel pens that I’ve picked up individually just because I can’t resist the color.

I love smooth writing pens…love them…I write a lot…I write haikus, I write notes for haikus – I jot a lot. I take very brief notes at work and often use different color pens to separate notes for different callers. I jot myself don’t forget notes… while on the phone I make stars and color them in, I make faces, I jot down and play with my favorite letters or favorite words. Yesterday I filled out doctors office paperwork with aqua…I hesitated but completed the task in bold, beautiful aqua because that is who I was yesterday!

It’s Monday…be brave…be a beautiful color!

3 thoughts on “Yesterday I was totally aqua

  1. I have to go reply on your facebook so you can see my pictures! TOO FUNNY

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  2. Nina….I sweat we share a brain. I’ve been talking about finding my self a little desk and dreaming of my wonderful gel pens and notebooks, all ordered there where they belong instead of stuffed everywhere in my house. I want this desk in front of a window…ok, no, I’m going to go write about this because it’s too long and you know me, back story and all that. But today I read this and my first thought was holy fuck, there she goes again, raiding my brain. It’s so damn weird. And cool! I was hot pink this morning.

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