Leaking fluid

This is big!

Tonight while watching the memoriam Oscar tribute, I teared up.  Jennifer Anniston’s sniffle made my nose get that little burn just before you know it’s going to happen and then tears…for something sentimental and sad ON TV!  It has been quite awhile since that has happened.  It was so refreshing!  I also pounded my flat hand on the bed last night while I laughed hysterically and snorted while we watched Life in Pieces that we had recorded.  I’m starting to feel stuff and it feels fresh.

I thought Jimmy Kimmel pulled out a win tonight while mc’ing the Oscars. I read  some sour things on Twitter about it but I thought it was one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever watched.  There were some amazing dresses and I can only think of a couple that I wondered WTH was she thinking.

I’ve been reading the ❤ Anderson Cooper/Gloria Vanderbilt book!  It’s okay.  Was expecting more Anderson but it is more son bringing out Mom’s story than anything.  It’s worth a read on a lazy ice tea and sunshine kind of day.  I download books from my local public library then read them on the app, Overdrive…a lot of free bang for  no buck!

Excited to experience what life is going to throw at me next week.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Leaking fluid

  1. If you’ve been numb for a while, any emotion can be refreshing. It’s almost like, “Wow. Where the heck did that just come from?” Glad the numbness is lifting.

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