Activating the family

My niece posted on Facebook today about an incident with school buses and a Four way stop.  She was under the impression that a four way stop meant…one car stops and goes and then the next car stops and goes, etc.  This morning she was stopped at a four way stop.  Waited for a school bus to go, then took her turn.  The school bus sitting behind the first school bus pulled into the intersection also and intentionally tried to hit her …. she slammed on her brakes and the school,bus driver FLIPPED HER THE BIRD.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  She posted to see if she was wrong….was their some rule about school buses having the right of way.  My anger level went from 0 to 60 in a matter of a second.  Being an aggressive school bus driver has its own obvious flaws but a bus driver with a bus full of kids flipping someone off….COME ON 😡. She’s obviously not going to let this go without a call to the school.  I took a more aggressive suggestion.  I’ll activate the family….the uncles and aunts!

While I’ve been sitting here (my anger level has cooled to about 28), I was thinking about the aunts and uncles in the family.  Blood or by marriage we are all in our 60s, all of us liberals (except 1) 😀and all of us with a strong sense of protecting our young!  Frequently we bicker about each other, the men seem to have no problem expressing their absolute opinions to each other and the in laws seem to just ride the air current.  It needs to be mentioned the sister and the mother of this particular niece is verbally scrappy like her brothers.

I’ve been in this family officially for 38 years and realized a long time ago that this is the MO of the family …..and like the other in laws, I must just find my place and let my hair blow in the wind on this ride.  We are fam-il-y 🎶🎶 and  will  activate if any one of us needs help.   Someone has my back…from an only child perspective, that is comforting!

Until next time….

One thought on “Activating the family

  1. Glad your family has your back. It means a lot, I’m sure.


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