Now he tells me!

The critters (cats) all have their favorite place to take naps.  This is helpful when an outside door has been open or a bedroom door has been recently closed.  We know pretty much where to look when counting cats.  Benny is usually not far from him….or in a box somewhere.

Baxter is behind the davenport or his favorite kitty tree spot by Minnie.  Truman is a sojourner…he lives his life where ever he finds himself.  Unless the furnace is on.  Then his spot is laying on the register beside the front door.

Today Jax and I were outside on the deck soaking up the sun…cleaning out flower pots and talking about flower colors he is going to put in his flower container in the spring.  We threw corn over the railings for the squirrels

Best to keep the squirrels on the ground rather than on the deck to prevent them from eating the deck railing for dessert.  Ya….keeping thinking that will prevent it.  

Franny ……….was planted in one spot
Being generous to glance at me when I was close or said her name…finally I heard what she heard.  Squirrels voices giving her grief.  When I mentioned this to Him, he said, ya…..there is a squirrel nest up under the decking.  

Hidden!  I want to see them!!!

Until next time…..

One thought on “Now he tells me!

  1. Loving the cats. Anyhoo, my mom’s dad used to give shelled walnuts to the local squirrels. They got fat and aggressive. They thought they were entitled to the nuts and would almost come indoors. Critters are funny. People too.

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