What’s going on now?

For those following my anti-depressant journey….tomorrow will be two full weeks since my last anti depressant pill.  I hope the way I feel now means clear sailing ahead.  Last week, I had occasional head movement.  I didn’t keep track because they were so rare!  I know that my brain is probably still adjusting but I’m pretty unaware.  Last week, I had a few episodes of ear ringing…more like tornado whooshing-through type ringing.  My newest inner body change is my temperature.  I have been hot for 20 years.  I know why in general but questioned the hot flashes were continuing and I was not getting any relief.  Well, now I’m cold.  ALL OF THE  TIME.  I’m not more cold when I’m outside….the problem is being cold when I’m inside.  I’ve taken to wearing my 3.99 Walmart fleece hoody 24/7.  I have added a quilt to my side of the bed and now sleep under a sheet and 3 quilts and often my hoody.  My latest Dr Nina diagnosis is the anti depressants had my inner thermostat out of whack and this is just an adjustment.  That and I’m drinking 3 quarts of water a day.  My anxiety has returned several times….the anxiety that comes from nothing I’m aware of.  I’m using breathing and inner refusal strength to keep it in check.  Seems to be working so far!  The other night I was berating myself during one of these anxiety “things” thinking what happens when I actually have something to be anxious about .  STOP….BREATH…right this moment I’ve got this. 

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “What’s going on now?

  1. Fascinating. To me, this is what real science is: tinkering with variables (like antidepressants or water consumption) and carefully observing the results so future generations can learn from your experience.

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  2. If this is happening now….”what happens when”….or if…I SO know that thought process. You are so right, , stay in the here and now!!
    I’m reading backwards again, so happy to hear things are going well!! Just keep swimming! 🙂

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