We need an epidemic of compassion

Since He and I have been married we have been CBS folks.  I think he grew up with CBS, while my family watched NBC which included WHO in Des Moines.  Who?  That never gets old.  Since the days of black and white TV, the news companies have multiplied like rabbits with all of the “fake” news channels.  Personally I think the only fake news channel begins with the first letter of fake.  But, my opinion/my blog.  Actually personal preference of news channels seems to be as wide and personally guarded as our favorite colors in the rainbow.  I learned a long time ago, to not dare criticize someone’s news preference….well except FOX (because remember my opinion/my blog).

I always tolerated (barely) Dan Rather when he anchored the evening news.  Now that he is an outspoken internet contributor and seems to hate the same things in our world that I do, I have grown to admire him.  As long as I don’t have to listen to his voice and see that tear in his eye after the frequent gut wrenching final story of the night.  I didn’t know if he was really sensitive or going for female ratings…..anyway

Enter Scott Pelley on CBS.  Let me lead by saying I heard that he is ripped.

I really get into his delivery of the news.  Every now and then, he looks a touch  effected by the last gut wrenching story.  I like him and I like his voice and for some reason I trust him.  Tonight he sealed the deal for me after the last gut wrenching story when he said “compassion is contagious”.    Wow….not to be Debbie Downer but hatred is also contagious, obviously.  But those words really hit me.  COMPASSION IS CONTAGIOUS.  We must be willing to do everything we can to get close to it and catch it.  We must!

until next time….

2 thoughts on “We need an epidemic of compassion

  1. My preferences of news channels depended on who did the best weather forecast on the local news before the national news. My locals are channels that are 50 miles north of me, I have to go where the weatherman doesn’t stand in front of my county and maybe even mentions it once in awhile. So it’s usually CBS And I have to agree with you about Scott Pelley. And that other F station…yeah 😦


  2. Scott Pelley is cute. I grew up watching Walter Cronkite and Pelley is hot in comparison.


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