Taking advantage of all options

We are very lucky to be surrounded by folks who are embracing ancient techniques to aid in living healthy lives.  The more I’m willing to step out of my comfort zone and open my mind to new healing methods, the more I realize that being a skeptic about things I did not understand was limiting the tools to live a healthy, happy life.

We don’t have to pop a pill or rely on traditional medicine for everything.  This traditional medicine has its place in our lives but it is not the only thing to use.  Especially after losing my kidney to cancer earlier last year, I’ve had to use stretching, ice, rest and other methods to deal with pain as I no longer can use Advil, etc because I need to keep my remaining kidney healthy!

After my foot reflexology session today, I’m thankful that I reached out and tried this technique.  I keep learning…essential oils, massage, stretching, yoga, meditation, reflexology and acupuncture…these are all available for us to live healthier lives the natural way.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Taking advantage of all options

  1. I am smiling as I read this post because I have just finished my green tea with reishi powder–the latter something I’m using (an adaptogen) to combat fatigue, etc. I love that so many of us seem to be waking up to more enlightened health measures.

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  2. Whatever works. It’s amazing how when one is in enough pain or has a serious enough condition that one is willing to try previously unthinkable ideas. And reflexology probably has no side-effects.


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