Life on the state line

As far as political commercials, there is nothing like living in Iowa pre-first-in-the-country-caucus…finally breaking free from Iowa, our heart went out to those we left behind.  Nothing prepared me for the deep and endless sewage from the television during this big election season.  When you live on the state line, there is double the political commercials…I can’t keep track of who is spewing for Kansas and who is spewing for Missouri.  It’s a freeking nightmare!  STFU!!!

3 thoughts on “Life on the state line

  1. I am 49 and cannot remember a presidential contest with two more hated candidates. The standards are gone and the video sewage flows freely. I wish I could take a nap until Nov. 9.


  2. We have the same problem Ohio/Michigan. Same scum, different state


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