Just a nice story…about cops and a blind old man

I remember visiting my sister -in -law and family in South Dakota one year….many moons ago….she took us to a beautiful park/arboretum full of trees and blooming flowers lining walking paths…I remember wishing that I lived in a city that thought it was important to support such beauty.

A little background…there was an older gentleman who lived alone on the outskirts of Newton….a farmhouse on many acres of land.  This gentleman was blind and after his wife passed, he would call the police in the middle of the night because he would drop his remote from his recliner and couldn’t find it.  This happened frequently.  Even though the police officers were always willing to help him out, I always hated having to dispatch a car there to pick up the old guys remote…I was torn between compassion and thinking this is not what cops should have to do.  Mr Patterson finally died and this dear old man left his farm to the city of Newton to be used as a park stipulating it be named after his wife.  Agnes Patterson park…which it was and became a beautiful flower garden arboretum with walking trails.  I never met with Mr Patterson face to face but I talked to him several times a week on the phone but he will linger in my heart forever.

Just a little insight into the good hearts of the police officers I have worked with and the gift from a blind old man!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Just a nice story…about cops and a blind old man

  1. What a great story! Love it. the old man sounds a little like my grandfather lol I wish there was a website where I could go read real human stories like this. So sick of politics every time I go online.

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  2. Mr. Patterson sounds like a crusty, generous codger. A real character.


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