Sports at the Browns

He is upstairs watching what I assume will be the last game of the World Series…sorry Cubs fan but we know you know how to handle the disappointment.  I’m downstairs watching the Cowboys/Eagles game.  Unfortunately because of a football pool, I’m forced to root for the Dallas Cowboys.  I’d rather eat liver but football pool competition is brutal.  I’ve had  to root for teams this year that I normally don’t even watch because of my dislike. *coughPatriots.  It was much easier for me with Fantasy Football because I could root for the players rather than the whole team.  BTW  GO CHIEFS!  It was kind of tough today having to turn a cold shoulder to my former beloved Indianapolis Colts.

He got the walls in the downstairs bathroom finished today.  HVAC coming this week to upgrade our air and heat and hopefully save us some money on comfort.

and last but not least….Baxter has been trying to get in the pantry for a long time.  I  left the doors open while I was cooking tonight and found this.



EDIT:  I was wrong…one more game

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Sports at the Browns

  1. I love those walls! That’s what I want to do in our master bath. Baxter! too cute. Gotta love cats!
    Your sports situation sounds like mine when the Bills and Jags are playing. Life long Bills fans, he has to watch them, but I watch the Jags because my nephew works for them so I am trying to catch a glimpse of him on the side of the field.

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  2. Love the mysterious shelf-dweller.


  3. Those walls are almost as beautiful as that clever kitty!

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