Visiting the old neighborhood

  Dear Diary:

I’ve been doing some sightseeing on foot while being back in the old neighborhood.  Neva took a nap this afternoon after visitors left so I walked to the bus stop.  My elementary school bus stop….I was shocked to realize that I really didn’t walk up hill both ways in the snow.  It was a healthy little walk but not as far as walking around the pond at home.  With my short little legs it just seemed like a lot further.

This is where I grew up

I remember that crack in the driveway and I swear the windows in my bedroom (right corner) were a lot bigger.

This is the view from Harvey’s house.  One house between us.

This is the corner I had a flat on my bike tire and bit the concrete breaking off the corners of my two front teeth.

And this is Timber Lane…..the best snow sled hill ever….and once you rode your bike down, you always had to ride back up…I could do it, damnit, one speed bike!

This is Kevin…Sue’s younger brother…5 years my junior.  I told him tonight that I have memories of him running up and down the hall when we were kids.  I was a kid…he was a toddler.  Seemed like that hall was a lot longer.


and this is Ollie.  Kevin’s lap dog.  I love him….I got the ear scratch thing perfected and he loved me too.

That’s it for middle of the night ramblings.

until next time…..

5 thoughts on “Visiting the old neighborhood

  1. Looks ike a sweet little neighborhood you grew up in with lots of sweet memories. Love the pics.

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  2. wow 🙂 lots of memories! this must have been very exciting 🙂

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  3. Knob Hill…I expected to see a statue of Helen standing in front, arms crossed, beehive firmly sprayed in place.


    My Dad swears that before there were houses there, it was a landfill for the city. Is it true?


    • Oh. She’s there, you just can’t see her. She’s invisible. I don’t think it was a landfill… Surrounding area here is solid rocks which they built houses on about 20 years ago.


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