I have been given a gift…

It is healing for me…every now and then I have to wipe a tear away….it’s a tear of sadness, gratitude and love.  It’s an emotional roller coaster.  While loving someone else, I’m finding some clarity and receiving the love back and the person of honor is dying this week.

The Harvey’s lived two doors down when I was growing up.  Neva babysat me when I was very young.  But over the years, I’ve found out that she watched over me way after 1st grade…from up the street.  My friend, Sue or as I always call her Suzie, is Neva’s daughter ..decided to bring Neva home under hospice care so that she can pass from this life peacefully with her beloved Molly on her bed and her bed facing the spring in the back yard.  After less than 24 hours, I’m learning what love and patience and pain and agony feels like for a mother and daughter.  I’m soaking it in and learning from this relationship how it is suppose to be….

I chose to put myself in this situation 1) to lift up my friend while she struggles with her mothers death and 2) it’s the only way I know to adequately give back to this woman who has loved me for 55 years.  I’m struggling emotionally but I am confident I am where I’m supposed to be….until it’s complete.

until next time…..

4 thoughts on “I have been given a gift…

  1. Wow Nina…I’m at a loss for words. Lots of feels..I’ll be thinking of you this week. ❤

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  2. Love and hugs and peace to you and Sue and Neva during this difficult time.


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