This won’t go on my caretaker resume…

One way you can witness a persons love is by experiencing the frequent door knocking of friends wanting to just stop in and give a little forehead kiss to someone who will be leaving us soon.  Neva still has a smile for her friends.  That smile also occurs when everyone thinks she is asleep…..a funny story or a memory being shared with each other and a glance at her reveals a grin.

Last night I was up several times with her because I would hear her rustling the sheets and bed covers….she would have them off of her pushed to the side…so I would gently refit the sheets and blankets around her, lovingly touch her hair and ask her if she was cold.  Each time she would say no and I would return to my room.  Apparently she was needing to use the commode but I was just not getting it….finally the last time I went to help her she yelled, Susan!  Sue figured it out and we were able to get her taken care of.  She gave me a big hug this morning when we relived the night and all of the work I caused her.  She admitted that the last time she saw me appear at her bedside she actually thought DAMN it’s her again!

Not my finest hour (s) but she forgives me ❤️

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “This won’t go on my caretaker resume…

  1. This was a lovely post – so full of care and concern and wanting to make life easier for your friend. Caring doesn’t make you a mind reader but it does make you a kind and loving friend 🙂

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  2. I am glad you all could laugh about it the next morning. Sometimes it is hard to know what a person wants. Thinking of all of you during this time.

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