Sometimes we heal in the most unusual circumstances….

Neva is weaker today.  Physically and mentally.  We were not greeted with the bright eyed smiles and love this morning for her morning routine.  Yesterday my attitude about doctors took a huge swing and I realized that down deep inside they are human like the rest of us.  Her nephrologist, Dr Shrader came to visit.  Not a medical house  call, he just came to visit a patient he has become fond of.  He looked at old pictures and gave this dying woman some of his time.  That means a lot.  Sue and I noticed that after he told her that no…for sure….there is nothing left to help her and she did nothing to bring this on herself, she started letting down.  After he left, she said her goodbyes to her real daughter and son and then to me.  She held my hand told me she loved me, she told me with tears in her eyes that she knew how my mother treated me but she could t do anything about it…she had talked to her and she was sorry.  I’m very lucky that I went with my heart to help her daughter through this life transition.  Finally at 60 years old I have been enveloped in a mother ‘s love.  Healing comes during the most unexpected times if we open our hearts to it.

I hope she goes to sleep today….for her and for those who love her.

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Sometimes we heal in the most unusual circumstances….

  1. I’m glad you’re getting some healing. It can sure come from unexpected places. I am following your journey because i am on a similar one. You and Neva are special friends. It’s touching to watch.


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