Haven’t seen him in a week…after 36 years of marriage, that is a long time to be apart…I think only once before when he went to Mexico with his brothers.  So we each drove half way this morning and met in Bethany, Missouri for an overnighter.  This isn’t a vacation destination … We spent the first few hours browsing antique stores, checked into the Comfort Inn, ate dinner at 4:30 at the Toot Toot Restaurant.


We walked to the restaurant from the hotel to test out our fitness app on our new Apple watches and saw this pulling away from the gas lane….seriously…I couldn’t get my phone out in time to snap the picture while he was filling up whatever it was filling up.

I’m heading back to Neva and Sue’s tomorrow to continue the bedside vigil.  It has been a week brim full of emotions.  Today was good!

Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “Bethany

  1. “Toot-Toot”? That is funny. Glad you got some rest and a real break.

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  2. Dinner at 1630…really? Have you always done that? Did you have a coupon? Was there a senior special? How was the food?

    Re the Amish…I was fishing on the Wapsie once and there were these two Amish guys in their 20’s. They were fishing with Zebcos, but they would not use lures. They would only use bare hooks and they would snag the fish. Most of them were carp and related rough fish. They were keeping them. I asked what they did with them….they pickled them and or smoked them. Not sure which end they lit on that last one, but they swore it was good stuff.

    Can’t imagine pickled carp. Pickled herring is too much for me. Geez.

    I am so glad I’m not Amish

    I hope your friend Neva gets her rest soon for her sake. The waiting is probably making her bonkers. Does she have much pain. Hope not. Hope they gave her something. Drive safe.

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    • Antique shopping made us hungry after a very light lunch.

      I like pickled herring. I wonder if you could actually tell the difference?

      Neva is not in pain. She has outlasted all predictions by her medical team. It’s very somber watching someone pass on.


  3. Gas can for the generator. I live in Amish country. 🙂 That’s great that you got a little break with the hubs. You probably needed it. Enjoy.

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