The most awesome thing I saw today…

On my way back to Sue and Neva’s house this afternoon, I stopped at Gray’s Lake Park to take a stroll around the lake and what should my wandering I observe.

An eagles nest with one of the parents feeding their baby.  I, so, wished I would have had a nice camera with a zoom lense.  I wasn’t the only one stopped on the trail to take in the awesome site!

I also snapped a picture of downtown from the park

Today is Neva’s grandsons 23rd birthday…I’m so thankful she is still around to celebrate it with him.  We had pizza and DQ ice cream cake.  She enjoyed every minute of it.  Here’s a picture of the family.

Hoping for a quiet night tonight and a bright eyes smile from Neva in the morning.

Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “The most awesome thing I saw today…

  1. I saw turkeys in the back yard this morning…the wild kind with feathers

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