My new favorite place to walk

While walking at Grays lake is beautiful near the heart of Des Moines….I’ve walked the Iowa State Fairgrounds twice this week.  It’s totally surreal to be able to walk around the acres of concrete, buildings and memories.  I’ve always loved the Iowa State Fair.  I took this picture from one of the higher points at the fairgrounds today.


While sitting on a bench after my walk, I wished that I had taken the opportunity to visit the fairgrounds off season when I lived in Iowa…but then I realized that I wouldn’t be able to feel as refreshed and renewed today if I had visited often.  Endorphins shooting through my bloodstream and my favorite music shooting through my earbuds with the wind through my hair…perfect!

Here’s a picture of a necklace Neva gave me yesterday.  I will always cherish it!  Neva and Nina.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “My new favorite place to walk

  1. There are no corn dogs at the fairgrounds this time of the year…no pork chop on a stick…no deep fried snickers running water…you could die there. what if you blew a gasket? who would find you? They would find your remains some time in July when they started to get ready for the August opening. Maybe they would mark the spot with one of those carved logs.

    “Ninasusan passed this way, in search of corn dogs during her stay.
    She walked and walked and could find none.
    She arrived too soon and so was done.
    We found her here, her bones all strewn,
    among the barns with a lone racoon.
    They say her spirit walks our fairgrounds,
    her soul the sidewalks here do pound.
    We thought we saw her spook Ye Old Mill,
    her voice was heard loud and shrill.
    So now we put this log carved here,
    to mark her spot and spill some beer.

    RIP NinaSusan

    It could happen.

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