What I learned about life in death

Death is inevitable….dying with love and grace is a last gift that Neva taught us.  Like everyone, I’ve lost a lot of friends and loved ones to the inevitable but I’ve never spent all day and night with someone ending their journey.

Neva wanted to die at home once she got the word that her kidney disease was terminal.  She didn’t want any medical intervention.  She knew.  She just wanted to go home and die in her nest…surrounded by peace and love.  She had children who were willing to give her that peace and love….because this is what she gave them and her friends throughout her life.

She wrapped her caregivers….her kids, the amazing hospice caregivers and me in love, kindness every day of her final time here.

She was sad and didn’t want to leave her kids and only grandson but she woke up everyday with a smile…a good morning…a thank you to each of us for tasks completed to make her comfortable.

As a child, she loved me and in death she loved me and there was no question about her kindness and grace.  She gave me another example of peace by living simply, loving nature and loving with her whole being.

Thank you, Neva Jean!

6 thoughts on “What I learned about life in death

  1. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of a loved ones’ final journey here on earth. I’m glad you’ve found the blessings in it and that it was a peaceful loving death. My sympathy to you on the loss of your friend.

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  2. my condolences to you, Neva’s family, friends, and anyone else whose lives were touched by her. May she rest in peace. How great it is to be remembered with such positive memories.


  3. What an amazing spirit Neva possessed/possesses. It sounds like it was a good, peaceful passing. My thoughts are with you and the rest of her loved ones at this time.

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  4. I didn’t even make it past the 2nd paragraph before I started getting choked up. I think about death, and I only hope that when the time comes, people loved me as much as you have loved your friends.

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  5. You are so blessed to have known her and accompany her on her last journey. It is a beautiful, healing thing.

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