The remarkable March 23rd

Here HE is….my beloved

Every night he sits down with his bowl of peanuts and a bag for the shells.  I totally expect to look out the window and see critters looking in at him called by the noise of shelling peanuts!!  But darn if he isn’t cute!

I like the Facebook feature which takes you back to your postings years before. ….and today’s memories made me snicker.

In March 2009, during a sleepy midnight shift, I decided to go to eBay and look at campers.  We were talking about moving up from the pop-up and I just so happened to find one in Michigan….and I bid on it….and we got it.  Imagine his surprise.  On this day 7 years ago, we made a 24 hour trip to a small town in Michigan to pick up our new adventure.  A zodiac hybrid camper.


We stopped once on our journey back in a truck stop so we could get some sleep… the trucker lot.  We sold the Kodiak in 2010 and bought Brett’s Coyote hybrid camper which ironically we presently have listed for sale.  It would be great if it sold today.

and then there’s this:


From 2011…. Who knew? BTW 2 of my liberal friends commented that they would too.

I will leave you with that.

3 thoughts on “The remarkable March 23rd

  1. I probably said the same thing, in fact, I know I did. We didn’t know what we didn’t know.
    W and I talk often about getting a camper. and a boat. and a swimming pool. and a garden. and ….. we go to the rv shows, the boat shows, the home shows. I think we love the rpods. someday we’ll just do it. but today is not that day. 🙂 glad yours sold!

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  2. Ref Donald….and that’s the truth


  3. I love the squirrel picture and your hubby is just as adorable. Isn’t it wonderful that our guys only get better as time passes? We are very fortunate women!!!

    I don’t think most people understood how vile he was back then. We have a much clearer picture now.

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