Dappled sunshine

This was me yesterday

Fourth day of a sinus headache and ear ache.  I was also having some vertigo.  Ugly.  I had an acupuncture treatment on Wednesday…had little needles sticking out of my face and behind my ears.  I think it helped get the flow started…then he asked me if I had used my neti pot.  So after 5 neti pot treatments between 4 and 10pm, I’m here to tell you…miracle.  I don’t know why I never think of it until several days of misery!!! Since my kidney cancer diagnosis a year ago, I can count on 2 fingers the times I’ve taken Tylenol for pain.  I used to gobble ibuprofen and naproxen by the handfuls anytime I had pain…but they are killers of the kidneys.    It is amazing the many options available for pain that doesn’t include popping a pill.

He has a total intolerance for wind.  Nothing can foul his day faster that being outside with a stiff breeze.  It makes him very irritable…I’ve always had the eye roll response to his complaining about it.  Then there is dappled sunshine.  Not the beautiful dappled sunshine under a tree in the summer time but driving in the car with the flickering sun in my eyes….a beautiful tree lined highway with the sun behind it and flashing sunlight will cause me to become immediately irritable.  I checked the World Wide Web to see if it was a previously asked question.  Found nothing.  But I figured I would just put it out there and see if there were any like-annoyed people or if I need to seek some therapy?

Sold the camper, BTW…guy coming from Oklahoma today to get it.  *clapping hands.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “Dappled sunshine

  1. That kind of sunshine bugs me too — and watching a baseball or nfl game on tv and half the field is in sun and half in the shade – makes me buggy. Don’t know why. Perhaps partially crazy. 🙂 I used a neti pot only once. I think I did it wrong. I don’t know if I’d try it again. But I still do the tried and true making a towel tent and hanging my head over a pot of hot water. I haven’t tried it with the Vicks vapor rub thrown in though, that was the remedy for everything when we were little kids.

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  2. I spent years not taking an advil for anything because I thought ‘what if I get a migraine? then I can’t take my migraine meds’ Guess what, it’s not advil in my migraine. What an idiot. But the thought was ingrained to not take it, so now my husband will ask if I took anything. And I’m like, OH Yeah I could do that couldn’t I! *smh.
    Wind hurts my ears, makes me light headed, so I don’t like it. Dappled sunlight that you describe can start a migraine, just like flashing lights. So I’m with both of you on those things.

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  3. I had your blog open this morning and was getting ready to comment and my fil called to say my mil fell. What a day! I hope you are feeling much better now.

    It is funny how we all have odd little things that ruffle our feathers. Cloudy days really get to me. Craig is not fond of windy days but for him it is because then he can’t fly his rc airplace. Oh, he also will complain that his eyes are windburned.

    Yay for selling the camper! H

    Have a good weekend!

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  4. Re: windy day..I don’t mind wind if it 75 degrees. If it’s 45 I will not work outside. Some of us hate windy days because it makes the hearing aids crazy…this is not my issue. I guess one could turn them off, but it does not stop the cold. Cold and wind makes my bones hurt.

    I am not familiar with the speckled sunlight or whatever you call it…sounds horrible though.


  5. Poor Nina. I always forget about things that work too. It’s actually MaryBeth who usually reminds me. 🙂

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