Sometimes it is just right!

May 6, 2013….nearly 3 years ago….we were out and about with a realtor looking for a house to buy.  She took us to several houses which roughly met our criteria…I was a bit discouraged so when she mentioned the house in Pleasant Hill, I was on the verge of saying…ya…I’m tired…lets just try another time.  When we walked through the front door of the house on Hidden Valley I said This Is IT!  I knew I was home! 

The first neighbor I met was Robbien next door.  She set up lawn mowing for us and offered to keep an eye on the house until we could move in which would be 1/2 a year away.  After living in the country for 34 years, I wanted neighbors, I wanted the neighborhood I grew up in.  Sometimes it is just right!

Dave and Robbien took us out last night for Mexican and lip numbing margaritas as a welcome to the neighborhood.  We laughed because we have been talking about doing this for at least 2 years.  It felt right to be exchanging stories and laughing out loud with these people who have become a part of our life.

When I think of the health crisis year of 2015, I realize that it was, in fact, a nasty year.  Yet it was a great year because we both came out of it and are still breathing.  After the turmoil which made me who I am today, I know that I am finding peace of mind and will be able to bloom where I’m planted.  Sometimes it is just right!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Sometimes it is just right!

  1. 2015 was a very difficult year. We lost so many people to MBC. And 2016 is not fun either…so far. I am glad we are here too. I just wish we all were.

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  2. We are both glad 2015 is over. I am so happy that your life is moving forward. Nice neighbors. They make all the difference.

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  3. what a positive and inspiring post Ninasusan – loved it 🙂


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