We have our mind set

Sometimes I think we are so closed to “different” that we miss out on a lot.  Different opinions, different ways of doing things, the refusal to roll with it because it is change, my mama told me it was wrong…so it’s wrong!  I have a hard time with people who are set in their ways and don’t even want to entertain a healthy discussion, let alone go against the truth they have been taught even though we continue to evolve and change as a society.

I personally find growth in change.  I’m one of those purple haired grandmas who doesn’t even like to drive the same route more than a dozen times in a row.  I have always prided myself in being a rabble rowzer.  I’m a rule follower until I think the rules need changed…I still follow the rules until I can work out a plan to effectively upset the apple cart and find a better way and then work to get it done.  Changing things in life does not have to culminate from a loud argument and gnashing of teeth…change is good…change happens whether we like it or not.  THose resistant to change are back there while everyone else moves up in the line.  If I knew then what I know now, I would have been a louder activist for what I believe in and what I want to see changed….and that would have probably annoyed the hell out of a lot of people….and that makes me smile just a little bit!

Doing the same thing over and over does not make it right.  Looking at the color outside the box and realizing that life is an adventure to be enjoyed is dessert!

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8 thoughts on “We have our mind set

  1. This is exactly my argument when someone says a politician is a flip flopper simply because they’ve changed their mind. I think they SHOULD absolutely change their minds – but I also understand that most of the time it seems like they’re doing it for votes. But still. change and growth are a necessary part of living ones life to the fullest.

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  2. 2 thumbs up! I’d give you more if I had more thumbs. I actually had to tone down my loudness. I will still speak up, but I have learned to save it for where it could possibly actually matter. I have no patience for arguing with closed minded ppl. They believe everything they think.

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  3. Change is inevitable; growth is optional. I know many people that never grow. Their mama told them something when they were a kid and they never questioned what she said, even if she was mentally unstable and addicted. Those who listen, learn, and grow are the hope of humanity, leaving the rest in the dust of outdated, dysfunctional beliefs. Yougogirl.

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  4. try not voting for a liberal or a democrat…..GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Or go 3rd pty with the transgendered Hebrew alliance for the abolition of abolition


      • what about growth and change? are you all talk and no walk? are you one of those people that wants everyone else to change so you can watch…thought so. as I have pointed out before, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insane.


      • I have changed so many things about myself! I change all of the time but I understand why you don’t know that. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insane is exactly my point.


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