I think Whether we like a book..

Depends a lot on where we are in our journey.  I just finished a Jody Picoult book (harvesting the heart) which touched my soul.  I love those kind of books.  I know we all have a different genre that appeals to us…I’m not a science fiction, fantasy or horror reader.  I do like contemporary, historical fiction, how to books and an occasional women’s book with a little romance although I don’t read romance novels.  I always read Goodread reviews and am surprised about the spectrum of like and dislike from 1 to 5 stars.  I noticed an acquaintance of mine gave this particular book 2 stars and I gave it 5.  Probably should have been 4 but I Was still emotionally attached to it.

Harvesting the Heart is the story of a cardiac surgeon and his wife, Paige.  Paige has come from a totally different world than the God like surgeon, Nicholas.  Picoult’s ability to take you back and forth with the demons of each character in a very believable way, to me, is the heart of her writing.  Things said and things thought by her characters are the things thought and things said by us in real life. Thoughts and behaviors that we cover up and seldom show in our public life…our demons our differences.

I know this book is not for everyone but it is a good book to read in a day for an escape!  Isn’t that what reading fiction is all about? The escape!

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5 thoughts on “I think Whether we like a book..

  1. I’m not usually a fan of mass fiction but every once in a while, a book comes along I respond to also:). I get it. Keep reading and enjoying!


  2. better..do you need a more detailed answer? i could send you an email.


  3. That’s interesting. I have never looked at a Jodi Picoult book because I thought she was a murder mystery writer and I don’t like murder mysteries. So maybe not always?

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  4. I understand using books to escape. That’s what my conspiracy book collection is all about. I know way more about aliens, UFO’s, the Knights Templar, the Masons and the Rothchilds than a man should. It is not an emotional buzz, but it is a complete distraction. Alternative histories are good for that too. Oddly, I do not like the history channel, though they have covered all these subjects, I do not like the mass consumption stuff. I want careful research with a full bibliography that can lead me to other authors. My latest favorite is the notion of a breakaway civilization forming here on earth. It sort of pulls all the conspiracies together. Good stuff.

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