Going over the line….

Invited to our niece and nephew’s house tonight for jambalaya and soak up some love…over in KANSAS.  After living my years in the center of Iowa and having the state line an hour plus away no matter which way you go, I now live in a state where I can have dinner in the neighboring state and be back home in 40 minutes.  There is an undercurrent of dislike and competition between the two Kansas City’s.  Of course there is.  Well, unless the Royals or Chiefs are winners then we are united.  I, personally, do not have any of the ingrained dislike of our neighbors over there….but I do have a “thing” about spending money on the Kansas side but mine just comes from the politics and the disgust for the Governor Brownback administration and agenda…send him a pack in’ and I think I would have a different feel about it.

Well, that was a little tangent totally off topic.  Christina (have a hard time not calling her the childhood name, Christy) and Aaron lived in Iowa through much of their childhood so we spent the most time with them during those years…more so than the other nieces and nephews.  Therefore, I have a lot more child stories about them than I do the others.  But, I’ll just leave it at that for this blog…there is a huge sigh of relief coming from the Kansas side of the line.  

Until next time…..

8 thoughts on “Going over the line….

  1. hmm….i can be in PA in 30 minutes. Never thought about that being a good or bad thing. Until they started fracking up PA. There are ppl near the border who want to succeed from the state of NY to join PA. They think they’re gonna get rich, find some bubblin’ crude. Thank goodness our Governor put the kabosh on that crap here…so anyway I’m glad I don’t live any closer to PA than I do. And, I don’t really differentiate between in law nieces and nephews either. When I think of my own aunt and uncles, they are my aunts and uncles, not my uncle/ aunt and their wife / husband.

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    • Kansas and Oklahoma are having repeated earthquakes too because of fracking…from like a few a year to hundreds a year. I was reading about it last night…the fault line between ok city and Wichita,KS and realized how horribly close they are!

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  2. how do you have nieces and nephews…you have no siblings…that’s like my cousins kids calling me uncle jeff…that actually happened

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  3. It’s nice that you moved so far but still have so much foamy and love around.

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