We played games…..

My dad taught me how to play checkers and I remember the devastating game, candy land, because I seldom won.  I jigsawed with puzzles but tired quickly of them because I really didn’t like the pictures they were going to be.  Our trips to Grandma Greens house in Nichols, Iowa always included an evening of playing 500.  I was pretty good even as a kid.  My dad was always my partner against my mom and Grandma….he and I were an amazing team.  I learned to play the card game, Spades in my teens….I Was pretty good.  I can remember sitting in the back of the bus with the boys playing Spades while on choir tour from Ozark Bible College.  In our early married life, he taught me to play dominoes and we kept a board in our bedroom to use as a table on the waterbed and frequently played until we finally wore down and went to sleep.  Enter Othello…I hate that game….I can never win….ever.  I brought it out a year ago so we could play again because I’m older, smarter and thought I could get in his head.  FAIL.  As the girls grew up, they brought games back into my life…I’m always up for a game…I actually crave playing games…but those opportunities are few and far between.  i love playing gin but do you think anyone will play gin with me?  I can’t even whine a good game of gin out of anyone.

Last night at Christie and Aaron’s, we played games.  Electronic games…using our tablets and phones as our game pads.  I was not a winner and I wasn’t a loser….although it can be said that if you don’t win, you lose.  I played games!  Thanks!  We had a wonderful evening!

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “We played games…..

  1. I was just going to say, Tracy loves games.


  2. LOL _ what a funny thing for us to share. 🙂


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