Backing baby into a corner…..

It happens….when you decide to live a peaceful life…. Removing negativity and living with an appreciation of peace and joy and love, you can set yourself up for a surge of angst and hatefulness.  When we feel that negativity is continuously pushing into the door until it is wide enough to get a shot of negatively hitting its target.  I have always tried to roll around on the ground first, to try to extinguish the fire before I’m totally engulfed.  But that doesn’t always work because of the chemicals I’m rolling around in…(memories)!  Perhaps it is then time to crawl your way into the shower and rinse the ugliness with clean water.  Yet, in time, it is possible to enter from the back door and destroy your enemy….that time when you are making your way around to the back of the house, you are stepping on stones and sticks that hurt…is it worth the energy and pain you cause yourself to annihilate the enemy.  Does it make you really feel better or does it spread more bad chemicals on the ground for the next fire?

Should we duck and teach people how to treat us or do we stand up and protect ourselves with our weapons?  That is the question.

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One thought on “Backing baby into a corner…..

  1. Good question. I think we have to do both. There’s a time for everything…..

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