He thinks he’s turned a corner 

He slept on the recliner/couch last night and woke up later than he had been waking up with no pain Med supplement in the middle of the night!  He’s also coughing instead of just clearing his throat which is a good thing.  Lots of anesthesia/heart-lung/intubation gook to get out which will help his oxygen saturation.  So many body systems are compromised with this type of surgery.

I’m putting up the tree today.  Used a light blanket that we used on the bushes last year for tree lights. SO MUCH EASIER than wrapping around and around and around.  Am I the last person to think of this?

Think I’m going to sell this tree after Christmas and get something a bit smaller…one that is prelit.  When I was a child, we had a white flocked aluminum Christmas tree with a big wheel that hung on the wall and rotated red, blue and yellow shadowed light on the tree.  Shoot me back to the 60s!

Neighbor Dave just brought over one of Robbien’s  polish Christmas rolls….I don’t know how we got so lucky to pick a house next door to these wonderful people!?!

Until next time

One thought on “He thinks he’s turned a corner 

  1. I don’t do a Christmas tree anymore but I did wonder if you could just use the net lights!

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