A flash back for my girls

Apparently, I traumatized the girls at Christmas time by placing this little girl on the top of our Christmas tree…..for many, many years.  It freaked them out for some reason???  I found it while going through Christmas ornaments today and laughed out loud.


5 thoughts on “A flash back for my girls

  1. In their youth, your daughters probably could not figure out why you stuck a Christmas tree up that dolly’s ass. It just seems cruel does it not? I can see why they might fear similar treatment and be traumatized.

    I’m not sure I would call it hideous. Perhaps ‘kitsch’ would be a better description. I’ve seen many Christmas tree angels. That’s no angel. She looks like she should be in a vacuum cleaner commercial from the early 60’s. It’s June Cleaver with tinsel. She is looking at Ward and saying, “don’t you think you were awfully hard on the Beaver last night.”

    Did I say that? Sorry. I digress.

    You need to send that ornament to the DAV post haste.

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  2. That looks vaguely familiar…my mom probably had one. Pretty creepy lol

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  3. The past’s equivalent of elf on the shelf.


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