Friends I love are in pain….

My mood dropped to the tearful phase after I read the Care Page of an old friend yesterday.  Dorena has fought the good fight…after several chemo sessions and a bone marrow transplant, leukemia has taken over and she is spending her last weeks with her husband, kids and grandkids and mom.  She and her husband graduated with Phil “him”.  I worked with her husband (a police officer and deputy sheriff) for years and her son was my 911 partner for years.  Not to leave out her wonderful daughter who I have kept in contact with for years!

20 years ago, Dorena and her husband socialized with us in a tight little social group..  We  camped many times together and as we drifted apart socially, we always kept track of each other through our family connections.  This news hit me in the gut yesterday.  Keeping track of her progress through her Caring Page, I always had hope and believed that she would overcome this….

Short of a miracle, another friend is going to move on to whatever is next after death. I hope Dorena and her family can feel the love I am sending to them!

4 thoughts on “Friends I love are in pain….

  1. I’m sorry. That news is always so hard to digest. It has happened in our circles too much in the past few years. Hugs to you.

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