Spring in December

I spent this amazing day playing Christmas music from KCMO through my headphones.  I watched the public television documentary on Richard and Karen Carpenter….they played a couple of their Christmas duets and I was hooked on Christmas music.  I sat out on the deck to enjoy the breeze and cleaned the kitchen.  I had to spend extra time on the floor because the cats refused to clean up after themselves spending almost a week home alone.

Of course, they made no effort to raise a paw to help me today.  They had other things to do.

The squirrel is oblivious!

He’s feeling better today.  Watching a lot of You Tube videos of people doing carpentry things?!?  He walked on the treadmill and wanders around the house bored out of his mind.  Jenny and Jaxon coming out tonight bringing dinner!

It’s a great day.

Until next time…..

6 thoughts on “Spring in December

  1. Bored and wandering about! How great!
    It is so warm here too! I believe I Mentioned that same sentiment last year, right before the 6 ft of snow. Lol! Cats shun housework. Tony often tells me that not in his wheelhouse. Enjoy your Christmas music.

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  2. Praise the Lord…From the title, I thought maybe your were going to blather on about global climate change. Thanks for not doing so.. I want global warming. I would like better lighting this time of year, but I am happy to have it be above freezing. Maybe it’s just el nino…or el Nina! I am so funny.

    Good cat shot. Do you think they could catch a squirrel?

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  3. He’s bored. What a wonderful thing! Looks like you’re going to have a great Christmas. I’m happy for you! It is a strange December weather wise isn’t it. I’m loving it tho.

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