The incision and at-home care

I’ll post quite an impressive picture of the scar at the bottom of the blog so that you will continue reading if you are squeamish.  I post it for the curious who have never seen a chest incision and also as a testament to what the human body can endure and recover.

I am so thankful that I am retired and able to care for him 24/7.  While he has the desire to do for himself, at this point the basic things like putting on socks and putting on a shirt are very difficult if not impossible.  He obviously has incision pain, but is also suffering intense muscle pain in his back from being prone for a week.  If it were just the muscle pain, there would be stretching and a possible massage in his future but those are not options right now. It is difficult to watch my strong husband reduced to needing me to add a little support for movement when he needs to lay down…..or put his socks on him.  If you know me, you know my aversion to other people’s feet (Tracy).  This experience has made a radical change in this particular phobia!

I have so much empathy for anyone or any family who doesn’t have the option of staying home to take care of their patient or anyone who doesn’t have family to do so.

…..and now the picture…..

I will be so glad when we can be this couple again!

Until next time…..

9 thoughts on “The incision and at-home care

  1. Glad he’s home. Glad you’re there! Best wishes for stamina and an uneventful recovery 💛

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  2. That’s a nice clean cut. The scar should be minimal. Are you going to treat him with your famous scar oil? I’m thinking he won’t need it. Is he allowed to sit up yet? That might help the back thing. Some Blu Emu might help too.

    Good luck with your nursing care. If you want to mess with him, start talking like Kathy Bates in “Misery”.

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  3. That IS an impressive scar!! That man of yours will heal quickly and find his new normal.
    Have you had to clip his toenails yet?

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  4. Wishing your hubby all the very best.
    Take care x


  5. My heart goes out to your hubby. It is a big thing to recover from. It is very wonderful that you are able to be there to take care of him. The doctor did a beautiful job with the incision.

    It is amazing how you can do what you have to do. Best to both of you.

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