Branson, Florida and craniosacral therapy

Okay.  This cold, rainy weather is getting to me!  If I could, I would cover all of the Windows so I can’t see out and live a little fantasy that it is cold in here because it is bloody hot outside and I’ve had to turn the air down.  

I did a little proactive planning for February and scheduled a short trip to Florida.  I had a cancelled flight through southwest from earlier in the year so used that money to book the tickets.  Same price as we spent on the tickets for the cancelled Vegas trip so using my logic, I got the tickets for free.

…..and have also booked a bucket list Branson trip for a couple of weeks from now.  Probably not what most would consider bucket list trip but remember I’m old and grew up watching Andy Williams so we are going to see the Osmonds and Lennon Sisters for a Christmas show.  The tv commercial of the event played just enough to reel me in.

….and I’ve scheduled another craniosacral therapy session with Rachel for Wednesday.  Hoping I can get as deep into a meditative consciousness as I did last time.  I describe the need as addictive.

So, I hope by the end of the day, these proactive plans will erase the cold, rainy gloom of the day.  I’m already feeling more positive.

Until next time…..

One thought on “Branson, Florida and craniosacral therapy

  1. Branson is best in the spring. Stay off Hwy 76. It’s a tourist trap. Go fishing. The dogwood is beautiful.
    “how do you know it’s dogwood?”
    “by its bark”
    Never been to Florida. I think I’d rather go to Israel or Cuba. There are less old Jews and Hispanics. That might have been politically incorrect. Maybe. Probably. All right. I’m sorry!


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