I struggle with opinions of the minority being foisted on the majority.  I suppose I actually should say the minority who screams the loudest attempting to drown out the beliefs and/or civil rights and/or lifestyles of other humans….or those who  try to control the masses with ignorance, fear, supremacy and prejudice; yet dabble in the same behaviors in their own darkness….racism, misogyny or those who spout off about things they really don’t understand.

If your daughter, wife, girlfriend gets pregnant and you secretly support an abortion for them but not the right of all women to choose you fall into the category above.  Being prolife is not pro abortion!  If you are against legalizing marijuana but consume alcohol on a daily basis or to the point of drunkedness, you need to re-evaluate your priorities….if you don’t want to use marijuana, then don’t; but don’t deprive someone who desperately needs marijuana for medical purposes or someone who chooses marijuana over alcohol.  If you do not support marijuana legalization, you should not be using alcohol or prescription pain relievers to make it through your awkward situation or for entertainment!

……and if you don’t smoke cigarettes or have never smoked cigarettes, you should not have an opinion about the vaping industry and electric cigarettes.  SHUT THE HELL UP.

I spent the day in our Vape Shop on Black Friday.  I cannot count the number of customers who brought their stories into the store yesterday totally ecstatic because they found vaping and stopped smoking cigarettes.  I took a picture of our vaping wall….I stopped smoking on _____.  I smoked ______ packs of cigarettes a day.  Vaping is an effective process of using electronic vaping pens to reduce nicotine use gradually while not ingesting the hundreds of chemicals in a regular cigarette.  Why would you not support your family, friends and neighbors with a technique that works over and over again.

These people know it works.  They did it.  Those who have never been addicted to cigarettes have no idea what they are talking about and are ignorant to the facts…..and if you fear your kids will turn to ecigarettes….then parent your children.  Mellow out, people.  Try to be human!

Rant over!

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