The scary thing about aging….

We don’t really know what is going on inside our bodies until we get that wake up knock…louder and louder….

So while sitting on the davenport watching TV last night, he turned to me and said, “I’m having chest pain”.

He is in the hospital in Lee’s Summit.  Preliminary tests have us believing he had a mild heart attack.  He will have an echo and angiogram, etc in a couple hours so we will know what is going on.

2015 seems to be a year and of loud knocks telling us we need to change our lifestyle!

Until next time…..

12 thoughts on “The scary thing about aging….

  1. Do lots of deep breathing so you can emotionally process anything and everything that happens. It is good that you are listening to the knocking. At first, you may be terrified, but no one can maintain that. Eventually, you are left with a physically exhausted but emotionally resilient strength. Fear runs out. You make the next choice and then are on your way. Nothing lasts forever. Is that the bad news or the good news?


  2. So sorry! Just catching up. Thoughts and prayers!


  3. Just catching up now. So sorry! Thought and prayers, for real.


  4. I knew you would eventually break his heart


  5. So great that he actually said it,many people don’t say they are having chest pain,they think it’s indigestion or many other things and just ignore it. Praying for the two of you!

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  6. Sorry to hear this but happy he was able to be treated before it was too late! Count your blessings and I will pray for the best!


  7. OMG Nina! I am so sorry to hear that. I am sending my best to you and Phil. Hang in there!

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  8. Poor Phil. 😦 I am glad that he knew and he got to the hospital. I am having an echo today too! You tell phil that when I’m sitting there with the nasty goo all over my chest getting rubbed up by the lady I will be thinking of him.
    Breath slow and deep Nina, and eat healthy and drink lots of water. stress makes you dehydrated. I am thinking about you all day, and just a text, and a plane, away. :0

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