A brighter day…even sunshine


This place has been a part of our lives way, WAY too much in 2015.  But we are thankful.  It is our #1 option for health care.

Yesterday was a tough day for the family.  He was wheeled in to have what we assumed was a stent put in to take care of whatever blockage he had.  He came out with nothing done other than a canned diagram showing a heart and 4 blockages…1 vein was 95% blocked at the top and 100% blocked at the bottom which left the possibility that the lower area of his heart was receiving no blood which meant it was damaged, dead and scarred…but there was hope that the 25% blood getting through on the other half had saved it enough to warrant bypass surgery.  And…thankfully…that is the story.  It is comatose right now with enough blood to keep it alive.  In the grand scheme of things – this could not be better news.

They are transferring him to Saint Luke’s on the Plaza this afternoon where he will meet with the cardiologists and surgeons to make a decision which route he is going to take.  Stents or bypass.  Our referring cardiologist said there are decisions to make but we need all of the facts to make that decision.  Due to the locations of his blockages, this is not a get him in – put the stent in – send him home.  She called it a little more complicated, thus the cardiac center on the Plaza.

Everything is not perfect yet, but we have hope.

To those who pray and those sending the positive thru the universe, we thank you and ask you not to stop doing what you are doing.

Much love from us to you.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “A brighter day…even sunshine

  1. Lord, please empower and enable the medical providers to make the correct decisions and do what must be done to bring healing. Please also place you hand on Phil and ease the congestion in the vessels of his heart. Raise him up in due time to enjoy his family and his life again. Also Lord, please bring calm to Nina as she supports her husband in this difficult time.

    Lord, in Your Name I pray these things,


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  2. So scary! But good news, so many ppl never make it as far as being able to have decisions to make. I will be sending lots of thoughts and prayers!


  3. Oh Nina I am sending you guys everything I have.


  4. Wow. I didn’t realize He had a heart problem. Those are tough things to think about. I believe in praying so that’s what i will do. I’m sure our God is smart enough to realize who He is. It’s hims brother!!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  5. Well, Nina…..sounds like you and Phil have some tough decisions to make but definitely sounds like you have a GREAT Dr. who isn’t afraid to send you on for another opinion. Praying for both of you. The Lord walks beside you ALL the way. Will be anxious to hear what will come next. Hugs


  6. Hang in there Nina! I will be sending good vibes, thinking good thoughts and sending up a prayer or two. How fortunate that you have access to good healthcare. I am glad that they have sent him to a place where there are specialists for him. Sending our best to both of you.


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