His update

Great news. Cardiologists and surgeon has been in. Bypass for Friday (penciled in). Not good candidate for stents. The main blockages has already started rerouting to send blood down into the left side. Very minimal damage. The part that is sluggish is getting enough blood to make it viable so when it receives good volume it will perk up. He’s very healthy and his heart is healthy (which really doesn’t make sense to me). So they say he will have no restrictions and should live to be an old man. 5 days in patient after procedure…36 cardiac rehab sessions….and me. Love!

4 thoughts on “His update

  1. Wonderful…will start prying about the bypass..do you know the suregeon’s name?


  2. All sounds like very good news. Take care of yourself Nina. Sending my best to both of you.


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